Indident Reports - a template

Bad things happen, the important thing is how do we deal with them when they do, and the actions we take so they don’t happen again.

Today I would like to talk about Incident reports. A way for the technical / engineering staff to show the business we care about our platform, understand the problems caused and are willing to move ahead and be better next time. Showing the lessons learned from this mistake, in order to avoid getting bitten by it again.

I have had to do two of these in the last 16 months and are always welcomed by the business. It helps them under stand the issues we have, the impact on the customers / business and how we are working to correcting our wrongs.

The template below is circulated to the appropriate people in a Google Doc or Word documents prior to retrospectives or postmortems. Hope its useful to you 🤓

The Template

Description An overview of the problem
Date Date of problem
Duration 1min - hours - days it occured for
Identified How did you find it
Manifestation When doing X in the website the users experience Y
Financial impact Outage caused 10 dollars worth of revenue loss
Customer impact Bad customer experience because…
Next steps How will we stop this from happening again?


Business language explanation of how the problem manifested and why.


What was the impact to the business / customers

Root cause of failure

What make this bad thing happen?

Moving forwards

What will we do in the future to stop this?

Lefteris Tatakis

Lefteris Tatakis

a Fullstack Software Engineer based in Oxford.

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