Week 3 - Bike fit

This week’s highlight is the initial fitting of my Aero bars! As always, when it comes to bike fit, I go to sportstechlab to discuss what my goals are and how I want to do this. Given my current experience with aero bars ( 0 ) and flexibility ( not the best ) we decided to use aerobars as just a variation to place my body / hands during the long rides. I shouldn’t be aiming to be saving X amount of Watts due to this position, but to be able to just add variety to my body position during long rides. If I can just stay on the aerobars for 20% of the race that would be a huge benefit for my performance.

However, to achieve this its going to be a journey. With multiple visits to Bryan to change and adjust my bike fit.

My flexibility and comfort over the next 2-3 months needs to significantly improve if I am to consider this bike position for race day. And I can assure you that needs a lot of work … 😳

For example, currently my nature body position on the aerobars is: Markdowm Image

How I currently rest on the bike

However, it has to become like this: Markdowm Image

What I need to be for race day

That means my low back and hip muscles needs to strengthen and not be a tight! Which as anything in this journey is easier said that done! 😅

Added to all this, today I did 1:55min on the turbo … pfff… not so much fun.. after a certain point I need to start watching videos rather than focusing on Zwift because my mind just can’t take it! This is something I will have to work on, but that probably means more time on the turbo 🙈 But what I would like to do when its less cold and likely to have ice on the road, to just do the training outside. Sitting on the turbo for 2-3 hours is just mental torture!

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