Week 1 - Start of 2019 and Ironman training

Well it’s officially 2019! woop woop! 🎉 🥳

Its going to be a big year for me, its the year I am going to become an Ironman. You will notice that I am confident about it. Well … lets say we shall see what happens, but:

Failure is not an option!

I have focused on starting the new year running, (or more like cycling) by doing all the key sessions I should be doing over the next few months.

  1. Cycling sessions. I started doing my Zwift Grand Fonto training program, which aims to build my fitness to be ready to do 100-200km.
  2. Early morning swims, at 6:30. I am currently trying to get my body used to that effort. These sessions should be easy (eventually), active recovery for 40-50 minutes. (Going to do one tomorrow 😅)
  3. Brick sessions. I “kinda” did one on Monday but I rested in between the sessions… So… maybe it was just two sessions, which luckily is something I need to do also!
  4. Enjoyed my life a bit! 😇

The top three items all had there challenges. For example, the Zwift program was quite demanding and I am only on Week 0 ( 😳 ), the swim was at 6:30 am (enough said) and the brick was the first “long” ride I had dont since probably September.

So far, so good!

A lot more hard work to come, but dare I say ( 🤞🏻 ) I am ready for it!

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Training distribution

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